Michaela Dufková

Michaela Dufková

Michaela Dufková is an artist from Štěpánov nad Svratkou, The Czech republic. She has been keen on art since she was a child. However, her desire to become an artist has transformed through the years. Today, she's twenty and she studies Art for Education at the Faculty of Teaching. Michaela found herself in working with little creative souls - with children. She believes the joy that comes from creating is one of the keys to the happiness.

Michaela also likes to create on her own. She had started with drawing eyes and portraits, then she played with aquarelle for a while and currently, she's in love with acrylic. Painting suits her better than drawing because there is some kind of a freedom inside. 

Michaela's style is influenced by everyday life and stuff thats surround her. As she lately noticed, blue colours, in all its shades, it played a big role in her paintings. Unintentionally, but intuitively, she uses blues in most of her work.

She believes that she's not going to pursuit art for a living, but thanks to art, she will definitely stay alive.

Instagram: @_milujuamaluju