The Fanny Pack Comeback: 3 stylish ways to wear yours this season

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The Fanny Pack Comeback: 3 stylish ways to wear yours this season

Thanks to celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner, fanny packs from the 80's are back, and they are more stylish than ever!

Kendall Jenner wearing a Fanny PackImage Source: Splash News Online

Mixing style with comfort has never been easier. Fanny packs allow us to run around to do errands, in a hands free, light, and effortless manner, yet, be on-trend and stylish. 

With the numerous number of fanny pack styles that became available to us, figuring out the best combination of fancy and sporty could get a little tricky. After all you don't want to look like you're stuck in a time warp. Don't worry, we've got 3 quick tips and tricks on how to up your fanny pack game.

Stylish Ways to Wear Your Fanny Pack this Season

1. The T-Shirt Look 

Let's go back to basics; t-shirts, and of course..fanny packs. Layer your fanny pack on a statement t-shirt, along with your favourite skirt, and a pair of pumps. Don't forget the accessories :)

Fanny pack with t-shirt and plaid skirtImage Source: Getty / Christian Vierig

2. Flowy Dresses..a Pop of Colour

No matter the season, having a flowy, yet a classic dress in your closet is a must. And this is where the fanny pack enters to add a pop of colour, and make a bold statement. Mix patterns and colour, and use your fanny pack as a functional belt. 

flowey dress with fanny pack

3. Fall is Coming: trench coat is going under 

Just when we were getting used to navigating our way around the fanny pack, fall is upon us, and trench coats are coming back. Not to worry, make a statement, and wear your fanny pack over your trench coat.  

trench-coat with fanny pack, and denim jeansImage Source: Getty / Edward Berthelot

What are some of your fashion tips when it comes to this new addition to our daily styles? 

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