Socks With Heels: It's a Must Try

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Socks With Heels: It's a Must Try

As trends come and go in the fashion world, here's one that's a must try for 2019: socks worn with heels. If you are looking for creative ways on how to wear socks and heels in real life, and make it look sophisticated, then be sure to check out this street style guide. 

You can create casual outfit by wearing jeans with a simple tee, denim shorts with chambray shirt or dark khaki green parka with leather black dress. All these combos can be complemented with sexy socks and glamour heels.

Streetstyle socks with heels

1. Turtlenecks and Socks

This is a simple everyday look that can be paired with any turtleneck to get street-style ready. 

socks and turtlenecks

2. Let's Get Edgy 

Yes, double socks! Don't be afraid to double up, and stand out. 

edgy with socks

3. The Quirky Look

Going with the quirky look? No problem. You can still pull off the socks and heels look by focusing on texture vs. colours with the rest of the outfit.

quirky with socks


4. Schoolgirl

Have a nice skirt, and a simple blouse? You're almost there! Express yourself through socks, and you're good to go! 

schoolgirl socks

5. Black and White

The easiest look to pull off with socks and heels is the black and white. When going creative with your socks, keep the rest of the outfit simply black and white. 

black and white socks

6. It's Time to Get Sophisticated 

Too keep it sophisticated, pair up your socks with a pencil skirt, a blazer, and a simple clutch. 


7. Keep It Causal 

Of course, going back to basics, and keeping it causal, you can always pair up your statement socks with a casual look, and sneakers. 

casual socks


Check out our collection of socks featuring the work of your favourite artists, and share your look with us in the comment section below! 

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