Empowering Women Through Art

Empowering Women Through Art

Throughout the history, art has always been a form of expression and inspiration. It can influence society, and shape ideologies. An artwork is a piece that make us think, challenge ourselves, and evolve. Female Armenian artists have not only used their work as mediums of creative expression, but also as instruments of social impact and drivers of economic independence. Our latest collaboration with Anahit of Erebuni is an embodiment of how art can be a form of empowerment.

Armenian Women Kicking Ass

Anahit of Erebuni is an online platform that aims at celebrating the strength, resilience and wisdom of Armenian women in order to give them the place they deserve in our history and the knowledge of our common heritage and culture.

The overall goal of this project is to provide a safe place where Armenian women can exchange about their experiences, support each other and amplify their voices and visibility in our community in order to promote a more inclusive, equal and peace-oriented Armenian society.

The objectives of Anahit of Erebuni are to highlight the contribution of Armenian women to our culture and improve access to their work; interview present day Armenian women from around the world in order to document what it means to be an Armenian woman today; democratize gender studies and intersectionality in the Armenian community through the use of social media; and promote the voices of Armenian women as agents for change.


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