4 Tips: Art Pillows and Interior Design

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4 Tips: Art Pillows and Interior Design

Art pillows and interior design is an amazing way to bring a pop of colour, customization, and personality to a room, but they can also get tricky. Here are 4 quick tips to make the best of your 'pillowscaping' in the room. 

1. Pillow size - Larger pillows create a more 'loungey' feel. If you're going for a classic look, consider 14x14 or 16x16 pillows. If your room is looking for a more cozy feel, 18's and 20's are the way to go!

2. Number of pillows - Don't be afraid to go with odd numbers. Remember, in design, when even numbers create symmetry, odd numbers create interest. They force our eyes to scope around for grouping, and allows us to explore the entire space. 
3. Colour and texture blocking - If you're looking to create a bold space, tell a story with pillows. Let them be the artwork of the room. Mixing patterns and texture (for example, mixing throw pillows and faux suede) could also be a great transition within a story. 
4. Bring the room together - To ensure that the space feels finished and unified, make sure the patterns and the prints on the pillow are telling the same story in the same room. Although, as mentioned, they don't have to match, however, it's important that they are harmonious. 

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    Let us know what you think of pillowscaping, and don't forget to share with us your tips and tricks on how to make the best of pillows in a room.

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