3 Trends to get you ready for Summer/Spring 2019

Get ready for Spring/Summer 2019 as it brings a new wave of fashion trends. Here are the 3 must know trends to get you ready for the season. 


No longer solely the preserve of art teachers and hippies, the tie-dye look is back, and is ready to take over. Get ready for a summer full of different looks that reflect this trend. From t-shirts paired with combat pants, to dresses, tell us what’s the look that you’ll be pulling off?

tie dye


Are you a boardshorts kind of person? Or Cycling shorts? Well we’ve got great news either way. This new season, both types of shorts will be spotted everywhere.

cycling shorts

board shorts


And last but definitely not least… the trend that will be invading our closets this season is… Unility! If you like fashion and function to come balanced, then this is a good trend go-to. Denim boiler suits, combat trousers (a style that has been out of fashion long enough to make a return), oversized anoraks and more! Are you ready to embrace this trend?

utility fashion model

Pictured Fendi


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